Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Slippery Slide of New Technology.

The long slippery slide to financial ruin started when I bought a fantastic new camera for myself, the Nikon D90. It is a dream to use and I couldn't be having more fun with it. It is an easy camera to pick up and start using but because I am a bit of a nerd I wanted to learn all I could about my new toy. I began by reading the entire instruction booklet that came with the camera. OK, written in another country, not many pictures and no doubt they are covering their legal butts with some of the warnings...Do not use camera while under water....DUHHHH! It is as bad as the hairdryer that I just bought that said, do not dry hair while in the shower or while sleeping. You know that they had to put that in there because someone actually did those things and then sued them because "it didn't say not to do it". IDIOTS. Anyway, because the booklet was not very informative, I was forced to buy the Blue Crane Introduction To Nikon D90 video. I learned so much from the video and it taught me tons of different features on the camera that I would never have found on my own so it was worth the purchase. OK so camera under control, but I really needed a flash, thankfully I got a flash for my birthday. Of course I needed a cute new camera bag to hold my new camera and flash. I had just bought a darling bag when my dh found a screaming deal (75% off) on a telephoto lens, which necessitated new filters to fit the new lens. I also had to buy a second battery for my camera because after using the new flash for a while I learned that it eats up power like a mack truck guzzles gas. All of this new gear meant that I had to buy a bigger cuter camera bag to hold it all. Like I said a slippery slope and that was just the hardware...

All of the snazy new equipment has made all of my old editing software obsolete, as in it doesn't work with RAW format photos. I like to shoot in the RAW, sounds dirty but it is just the format of picture that I prefer to shoot in. Much more fun to play with and manipulate if you have the dang right program. So this week the first of my new software came, Adobe Lightroom. A great program, it's easy to use and oh so fun to play with. I also decided to get an editing pen tablet to make it easier to edit photos and create digital art with. I have wanted one for years but with this new software I had to get one. The pen tablet makes editing and drawing fast and easy because whatever you draw on the tablet is drawn on the screen. It tests your eye hand coordination at first but after a bit of practice it is very easy to use.
Now I am waiting for my new Photoshop Suite which will update many of my old programs and add a few new ones. The bad part is learning how to use these new programs and having to load them all onto my computers. I am sure that this will cause my old computer to freeze up and it will need some new part or some other software to make it all work. So far buying a new camera has been like standing at the top of a double black diamond run and pushing off. I hope that I get to the bottom of the run soon. My bank account is looking kind of small right about now.

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