Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Spring is here!!!

Today was a perfect spring day. It was sunny, in the low 70's with a gentle breeze. I decided to spend some time outside cleaning up my perennial beds. A pair of robins were looking for worms in the lawn and birds were chirping in the trees. It was perfect. After cleaning up all of the leaves dead plants, I found the first signs of spring. My tulips, crocus and daffodils are all about 4 inches up out of the ground and many of my perennials are sprouting up as well. I COULDN'T BE MORE ANGRY!!!!! You see, I live in Colorado. It won't be spring until early May. You can't even plant things until after Mother's Day because of the risk of frost. 2009 has begun with unusually dry and warm weather. We haven't even hit our snowiest month yet. March is when we get most of our snow and that means that all of my beautiful bulbs and some of my perennials are going to DIE long before any blossom will bloom. I really feel like crying but instead I think I will bring a glass of wine out onto the deck and watch the sunset while I mope!

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