Friday, August 28, 2009

Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot-Laundry

The theme of the Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot Challenge this week was Laundry! Here are my photos.

One of my favorite things on laundry day is putting the clean white towels on the shelf.

In my laundry room, I hated seeing the boxes for softener sheets, color catchers and all the lingerie bags so I took an old basket I had and bought 2 inexpensive cookie jars to put all of those items in.


Jama said...

I'm interested to know what color saver sheet do? prevent color run? It's so neat being stored like that, my detergents and softener are being stored under the kitchen sink, less clutters to see.

Carly said...

Hi Margaret :)

EXCELLENT! Well done, both the laundry photos and the organization of your laundry room! I love your idea for holding the fabric sheets! See, where some just see laundry... you see the possibilities! :) (BIG SMILE) Thanks so much for joining us this week!


Kaylen said...

cute idea!!
I also hate the dryer sheet box, I think I'm going to have to steal this idea. :)

Leora said...

I love clean white towels. And how neatly they are folded. Still trying to teach the hubby how to fold them so the little lines are on the inside instead of out.

Suzanne R said...

Your laundry room is very neat! Nice pictures of it, too. Love the fluffiness of your white towels!

Mike said...

That's a good way to take car of the dryer sheets. We are trying out a new thing that sticks to the inside of your dryer and lasts for about a month. It's a neat idea.

Can you come and put our laundry away? We both hate doing it. :)