Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts

Yep it's Tuesday and that means it's time for Random Thoughts thanks to Keely at The Unmom.

I discovered yesterday that some adults believe that high school kids are capable of cleaning a house to adult standards without supervision or an inspection? In my opinion, they're not that bright.
I ran up to our cabin to install a new faucet in the kitchen (old faucet removed and new sprayer head faucet fully installed , working and not a leak to be found in 59 minutes. Yes, I timed myself.) and found messes like this all over the cabin. In addition to this nice "clean"oven, there was a toilet with poop in it and a toilet with pee in it, both unflushed. The cabin smelled like an outhouse. They'd left 2 days ago. I'm glad that I didn't wait until next Sunday to go up as I'd originally planned!
When I called the person in charge of the group of high school kids that had used it last weekend, he said that he told the kids to do it. UGH. Instead of taking a walk in the woods with my newly repaired camera, I spent the morning cleaning up all the things that the kids "cleaned" I was not a happy camper.

Is there anything cuter than a yellow lab with their ears cocked? (She has a chew stick not a cigar in her mouth.)

Where did the summer go??? My daughter had registration yesterday and school starts in 2 weeks. I love summer and am dreading being back on a schedule.

How is it possible that my youngest is going to be a senior in high school? We just picked up her senior pictures that we chose a few weeks ago. They really turned out great. I will say that it was very considerate of the photography studio to hold the slide show of her photographs in a very dark room with multiple boxes of tissues and loud background music playing. I guess this allows us moms not to embarrass ourselves too much. Tip of the day: Wear waterproof mascara, keep your crying to small hiccups and touch up your makeup before the lights go up. That way they'll never know you sobbed through the whole show. She used Monte Nuss and yes, the girl in the blue dress, on the front page of their website, is my daughter (I told you her pictures were good). I swear she was going to kindergarten just last year! It really does go fast.

I am craving strawberry shortcake after reading my friend's blog. Thanks, Gina!

I really need to start canning. Maybe after school starts. I have to put up Chili Sauce, crab apple jelly, applesauce and maybe choke cherry jelly. I have to go run down by the Cherry Creek and see if there are any choke cherries this year. There're not enough hours in the day.


Suzanne said...

Margaret, your random thoughts were wonderful! I forgot to do this so I might have to get random soon. Okay, we have so much in common from your profile it isn't funny but since I'm told you shouldn't leave long comments...you'll just have to trust me on this!:-) BY the way, your daughter is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!

Momma Such said...

Yucky! That stinks that you had to clean up after the high school kids. No fun!

On a brighter note, your daughter is beautiful! She has great hair too! Looks like the photographer you used is really good. :)