Saturday, September 19, 2009

Life Necklaces and A Boy Named Dane

I just got an email from very dear friends of mine who minister to the Native American community in Sioux Falls, SD. announcing that they are adopting a baby!!!
To read the whole story visit their blog
They have been praying for a long time about a child and have decided to adopt a little boy, from Serbia, through a group called Reece’s Rainbow.  Reece’s Rainbow ( is a ministry that helps children around the world with special needs.  Reece's Rainbow specialize in down syndrome adoptions, but also help place children with a myriad of physical and mental setbacks.  Through prayer, the Lord led Nate and Megan to a little boy  named Dane.  He’ll be 3 on November 4th .  Dane has Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and they think possibly some Autism. Dane is developmentally delayed and was abandoned the first year of his life before the Serbian Social Services rescued him.  Through research they learned most children in Eastern European countries, if not adopted by the age of 5, live out their days in horror.  Their existence on earth until they die, includes 1 meal a day, 1 rinse off a day, and then are left in a crib, tied up, without physical contact. They want desperately to help this child!

To adopt from Serbia will take at least $16,000. To help raise funds, Megan is making and selling Life Necklaces for $20 each plus a flat rate of $2.00 shipping for as many necklaces as you want to order. Click here or on the photo to order necklaces that will give Dane a chance at a new life and make Nate and Megan parents! Thanks!!!


JosiahsMommy said...

Awww. Congrats to your friends! I'm from Sioux Falls too! I hope they get their funds raised. You are a great friend for posting this to help them out.

kyslp said...

I will be ordering necklaces to help you friends. And I will be praying for the rest of those poor babies. Thank you for sharing this story!