Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Random Tuesday

This photo isn't showing fog, it's smoke from the southern California fires. Not surprising if you think about how large the fires are. Very Surprising once you know that I live in Denver, Colorado. Yep the weather pattern is just right for the smoke from CA to flow straight into the front range area. It even smells like smoke.

I miss having all of my kids at home. My oldest came for a 6 day visit and just left today. I cried all the way home from the airport. I miss going into each of my kid's rooms at night and peeking in to see them all snug asleep in their beds, curled up and looking at their peaceful sleeping faces before heading into my bed. I miss seeing them everyday and miss talking to them around the dinner table each evening. I just miss them. They grew up way too fast.

I am so far behind. I haven't started any canning and it is already September. I am out of chili sauce and out of crab apple jelly. I need to get them made this week. I did spot a great plum tree so I might have to knock on the owners door and see if I can pick plums for jam this week as well. I wanted to put up corn this summer and that didn;t happen and I doubt I'll get pickles done either. I need an extra week of summer please.

I've been working on a new pattern for a ruffled neck warmer. I am on my second prototype and I think I have this new design all worked out and ready to publish. I'm working on the photos so watch for it next week.

Why is it that when you have lots of things to get done, everything unexpected happens to interrupt. The days when there is little to do, nothing happens. UGHHHH.

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Anonymous said...

Every summer here in Alaska there's a bunch of wildfires and we get a lot of smoke in the Anchorage area.
I hate the smell of smoke!

Stacie Errera said...

Hi. The assignment #2 on CashingPictureperfection.com is a person or pet. I love your photos on your blog and following you now! thanks. stacie