Thursday, September 24, 2009

Writer's Workshop Wednesday- Super Hero Powers!!

Over at Mama's Losin' It her Writer's Wednesday Prompts are up. I chose to write on number 4 this week.
4) If you were a super hero, what would your super power be and why? 

If I were a super hero, I would want to ability to transport myself and anyone else who was with me anywhere I want, in the blink of an eye or really with a click of my emerald green sparkly shoes I"d be there.  I like green more than red hence the emerald. Note: I want the wand and throw in a crown, too!

People and families are just too spread out for my taste. For instance, my 2 oldest kids live in Seattle and I really miss them. It would be wonderful to click my heels and be there in an instant. I'd go just for a couple of hours to have lunch with one of them, do a load of laundry or just to grab a cup of coffee and catch up on their lives in person. I miss that face to face time more than you can know. I'd be able to go pick them up and bring them home for a dinner or a holiday.

My parents live on a small island in Maine and it takes an entire day of planes, car or bus and boat to get to their house. How nice it would be to just pop in for a meal or to help my mom do canning for a day.  My brother and his family have lived in Hong Kong and the Philippines for the last few years. I have a nephew that is over a year old and I have yet to hold. Click and Auntie M is in the house!!!!!!

Instant travel would allow us the have the gift of time together on a far more frequent basis, plus the green sparkly shoes, wand and crown wouldn't hurt a girl either!!!


Deborah said...

I love the green shoes! How cute are they!! If I were a superhero, I would...I have no idea...I'm going to think about this. All that is coming to me is to get everyone who needs oil this winter, free oil..That's probably a fairy wish more than a superhero wish.. I would somehow twinkle my little nose and keep my girlfriend and very cute little son's oil tank full. She told me she is worried about this yesterday..So that is why I'm drawing a blank to all other world problems.

kyslp said...

I love the green, too. I missed Mama's workshop this week. Too much going on. I hope to make it next week. Have a great weekend!

Unknown Mami said...

When yo get those powers, there are a few places I would love for you to take me.