Monday, October 19, 2009

Random Tuesday!

It's Tuesday and it's random so it must be Random Tuesday!  Want to be random, too? Head on over the The Unmom and Keely can hook you up with this button and a linky to your random thoughts.


I really hate the fact that we had an early hard freeze and we got cheated out of fall colors. The leaves all froze and went straight from green to ugly brown. I wanted pretty for at least a week!

After having cats my entire life, we have to find homes for our 2 cats. My husband who's always been allergic but took meds to allow me a cat or two, can't take the antihistamines any more and my daughter's allergy to cats has gotten so bad that I can't be selfish and ignore it any more. Anyone want 2 really great cuddly cats? Dang I'm going to miss them. Now it'll just be me and the damn dog. I'm  really not a dog person, can you tell?

I hate going to Sam's or Costco on weekends. It's filled with dawdlers. People who saunter along, stop in the middle of the isles and just aren't paying attention. Makes me cranky. I just want to get in, grab my items and get out. I wonder if a horn on my cart would help?

What the heck was the stupid balloon guy here in Colorado thinking? Did he not think that everyone would figure out that he'd lied about his kid being in the balloon? IDIOT!!! Not only that but, seriously Denver, was it a big enough story to follow it for 5 full hours of coverage? NO! My friend Gina and I talked an hour into the whole saga and concluded that it was a hoax. We weren't surprised at all when the kid wasn't in the balloon when it landed.  I think that the best thing for those kids would be for the parents to go to jail and the kids be put with someone sane for a few months to give them a dose of reality and not the reality TV fame that their parents were seeking.

Where has this year gone? Christmas is in 66 days! It's just flying by. I'm still having trouble writing 2009.

My friend Gina from My Own Brand of Crazy and I get to make, serve and clean up dinner for the entire staff (~275 people) at the high school on Wednesday and Thursday this week. Yesterday, we went to Sam's and bought 66 pounds of meatballs, 54 pounds of spaghetti noodles, and 13 gallons of spaghetti sauce. We'll pick up the 300 dinner rolls, salad and the cakes tomorrow morning. Today guess what we're doing all day? Cooking the spaghetti!! Yay- 22 pounds down and 8 to go. I'm so sick of spaghetti right now. You have to taste at least a little piece from each batch to make sure it is perfectly undercooked for reheating tomorrow.   The one perk of doing it is that every single teacher and staff member knows who we are and that is invaluable in a school with 2400 kids. Still, we've been doing it too long. By the end of this year we will have held this volunteer position no paycheck call us stupid for 7 years. We're kinda tired!

Greek yogurt with a tiny drizzle of honey is amazing.


Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

I would love a horn on grocery carts...for all grocery stores!!

kys said...

I'm not a dog person either. But my son, Hubs, and I are all allergic to cats.

66 days till Christmas? Aack!

The World As I See It said...

I hate dogs too!!!! They are totally dumb to say the least

The Crazy Coxes said...

Ooooohhhhhh.... did you get that Fage yogurt with honey????

I don't love yogurt and I don't love honey. Do you think I will like it?

monica said...

I like the horn on the grocery cart! Good for you for the speg.Dinner!!

Erin M. said...

we have cat allergies here, too....we have a dog that we adore. i can't imagine having to give him away, so i sympathize with you as far as the cats go. i'm so sorry. that really bites. i hope you will find them good homes close by so you can visit them sometimes!

Anonymous said...

I hate grocery shopping just for that reason!
It happens all days of the week here.
It's annoying.

I can't believe Christmas is right around the corner. I'm not looking forward to the snow...

I feel ya on having to get rid of your kitties.
My hubs is allergic to cats AND dogs so I'm screwed either way =[

Hope you have a great week and thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.
I'm starting to feel better.