Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Random Tuesday!!

Random Tuesday, it's Random Tuesday!!! From snow to stockings, let the randomness begin.

Why did it have to snow 2 feet last week.  It gave all the other school districts 2 snow days that we missed out on because we were on fall break. I know, I know, we didn't have school anyway so what difference does it make. I'll tell you, I love snow days!!! There is something so exciting about waking up and finding out that you don't have to get out of bed. It's the surprise day off like an unexpected vacation. I always feel like a little kid and get really excited. I know that the day will be filled with sledding and cocoa, wet boots and card games, soup bubbling on the stove and maybe even a movie or two. I also know I'm a dork, but snow days are a gift to be wished for and thoroughly treasured.  We better have another big storm and get at least one snow day this year or I'll be so mad. This is my last year for snow days!

How is it possible that the school year is a quarter over already. Graduation is coming way too fast.

My oldest daughter and her fiance were going to come after Christmas and now they probably aren't- Sadness ensues.

Why is it that people is SUV's think that they can drive really fast on snowy roads? Here's the facts people. Just because you are in an SUV doesn't mean that you can drive like a maniac. Driving to the airport after the storm, the only cars in the ditches or upside down were the SUV's.

I am so excited that Beth Moore is coming out with a bible study on the book of Revelations. It is the one book that I have always wanted to really study. It comes out in January. My group will be starting it the week after it arrives. We're already pre-ordered! I can't wait.

I love fall and winter food. This week for the big snow storm that lasted 3 days, we had tortellini and meatball soup, 5 bean chili (recipe will be up tomorrow), and beef stew. Warm and cozy comfort food. 

It's November! ALREADY!!! I'm not ready for Thanksgiving to be in 3 weeks and Christmas in 51 days and counting!

I just started knitting my daughter's fiance his Christmas Stocking to go with the rest of ours. My mom made the first ones and I've added to them as we've added kids. I've always looked on them sentimentally while it has recently come to my attention that, my kids have always looked at them with GREAT amusement. The big game with them now is to encourage the newcomers to pick the goofiest stocking that they can, as they come into the family. They don't sell a couple of the patterns we have anymore but here are pictures from the website of a few of ours. 

I just started this elf stocking. I got the kit and it's been just sitting here. I realized this morning that while Christmas is still 7 weeks away, the stockings get hung the day after Thanksgiving so I had to get busy with it. I'll modify it a bit so that it matches the others. It'll be white behind the name!

Thankfully, I just finished the pair of slippers I was making yesterday.  I combined parts of 3 other patterns to make these so I need to get my notes typed up of how I made them, and then I'll get it posted.

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Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

You are so crafty!! And have SO many kids!!

Erin M. said...

Those slippers are darling, as are the stockings---you are so talented!

Can't wait to see your chili recipe. I made some on Sunday and it was less than stellar. Really boring. But at least we have leftovers so I don't have to cook tonight!

kys said...

Love the slippers and stockings! Very cute!

Margaret said...

I always loved snow days when I was in school. It is sad that I don't get them now. I totally agree with you on the SUV's I always laugh at them as I drive by them.

Jody said...

Ok I totally couldn't get past the snow picture.

The Crazy Coxes said...

Snow days rock!
You are a dork!
Quit blogging and get knitting! ;)

Jacky said...

2 feet of snow!?! Oh my. I live in sunny Florida...no snow in sight! ;)

Thanks so much for coming by The Sweetest Petunia, your sweet comments, and for the follow! It really means SO much to me. :D

blueviolet said...

Thank you for the SUV comment. My husband drives like a cocky fool just because he has 4x4.

Unknown Mami said...

The slippers you made are adorable.

Honey Mommy said...

I am SO not ready for snow! Good thing we haven't gotten anywhere near that much!