Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Random Tuesday

It's that time of week again for Random thoughts and mussing. If you have any randomness of your own, head on over to The Unmom to link up. Do it quietly, she's not feeling well.

How this for random? My 20 year old is flying to Vancouver this week. She got a call from a Korean record label that is looking for a new pop star. They want her to come audition. She's the only non-Asian that they've invited to come sing for them. They got her audition tape from another Asian label that she auditioned for last year. She was one of the final 3 out of 8000 that auditioned. She didn't get the contract but not bad. It helps that she speaks very good Mandarin Chinese and Korean and she speaks passable Japanese- in addition to 8 other languages. The kid has a true gift for languages. I wish she'd gotten that from me. I hope she get's a contract this time. She's always wanted to live in Asia somewhere.

Random is cleaning all my baseboards with a toothbrish yesterday. The carpet cleaning company is here today. He noticed them! No one else will.

Last week my friend and I were at our annual outing to this one Holiday craft show, half way through, she gasped and panicked. She'd remembered that we still had yet to find Holiday gifts for the 250 staff members at the high school. I've been panicking for 2 weeks. See last random item on my list today!  Usually, I've found and purchased the gifts by July, but this year I just couldn't find anything I liked. We only have about $2.00 per person and we always try to get something useful and practical. Anyway, we got into the car to head home and she made me pull a U-turn to head for the store. She said we couldn't go home until we found something. Well, we walked into Target and there in a bin were nice Ice Scrapers that were 50% off, I swear to you we heard angels singing. AHHHHHHHH. As we headed to the register discussing what could we put with the ice scrapers,  we saw racks of  those stretch gloves and it all came together. A great gift in our budget. OK, it did take 3 more Targets to get as many as we needed but we did it and have a useful gift to give.

Random is tomorrow's post. I opened my email last week and low and behold, was a post written by the above friend, Gina from, My Own Brand Of Crazy, for my blog. All typed and ready to go. I didn't ask for a post, nor was I expecting one but she wrote it up because it was great information but it didn't fit on her blog. It's too practical! So an unsolicited post for tomorrow that I didn't even have to write.  She's a great friend.

 I just haven't been able to shut my mind off the last few weeks and sleep.  Nothing serious just thinking about my daughter's wedding, another daughter's college applications, the million other things that need to get done, lack of teacher's gifts, Thanksgiving being next week and Christmas right around the corner. Who needs sleep? Today I went to the doc to get some sleeping pills, it's gotten a bit ridiculous how tired I am. I get to the doctor's office, step out of the car and noticed that I was wearing my slippers, yep slippers. I'd forgotten to put my shoes on.  I went in anyway, it was way too much effort to drive back home and then back. Of course in the waiting room is a woman that I've know for years, figures.  Thankfully,  it did nothing but bolster my case that the lack of sleep is effecting my everyday life! The staff had a good laugh over it. I'm always entertaining even if only to myself. I have a prescription in my purse and will head out to fill it, now that I have some shoes on!!!!


Erin M. said...

I hope you got some good stuff at the doctor to help you sleep---love the slippers story! You have a lot on your mind, and a little sleep help never hurt anyone. Hope you get some much-needed rest soon!

blueviolet said...

I would have found it rather endearing that you were wearing slippers! :)

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

Take those pills at 8 tonight and get in your cozy bed and sleep!!

kys said...

That is great news for your daughter. I can't believe she knows that many languages. What a talented family!