Wednesday, November 18, 2009

An Uninvited Guest Post- How long can you freeze stuff and Freezer Storage Times

This post came to me unsolicited from my best friend, on and off the internet, Gina!  She sent it to me as a joke not thinking that I would post it but the information is really good, so I am. I'm not stupid enough to turn down a free posting that I didn't have to write and especially one that has such great information. Thanks Gina!!!!!

Here's her email!
I have a blog post for your blog.
I know - you didn't ask me for one.

Read it and call me.
I'm messing with you.
You don't have to post it.

I was not invited to guest blog for the Fact Woman today.  She didn’t invite me.  I just invited myself.  My own blog is certainly not the place for such useful information.
No, I don’t really have any facts in my head or at my fingertips.  When I need facts, I go in search of them or call Margaret.  I had a very painful factual search this week and thought I would share.

I was cleaning out my freezer – started with the butter shelf – that’s a whole different story. But then things went awry when I got to the meat shelf. How long can you keep meat in the freezer anyway? Good question!

I looked it up online, (Margaret was at bible study and couldn't take my call.) – went to 6-7 different websites because I was pretty sure the first one was a liar.  I was wrong.  The keeping in the freezer time is woefully short!

The USDA states, Because freezing keeps food safe almost indefinitely, recommended storage times are for quality only. Refer to the freezer storage chart at the end of this document, which lists optimum freezing times for best quality.
If a food is not listed on the chart, you may determine its quality after defrosting. First check the odor. Some foods will develop a rancid or off odor when frozen too long and should be discarded. Some may not look picture perfect or be of high enough quality to serve alone but may be edible; use them to make soups or stews. Cook raw food and if you like the taste and texture, use it.
  1. Ewww……I am not waiting for a lump of meat to defrost so that I can get a whiff of rancid meat right before dinner.
  2. What do they think I’m eating the meat for?  Quantity?  I’m eating meat for the quality.  I’m not falling for the fact followed by disclaimer.  I’m following their disclaimer.
Here’s the chart:
Freezer Storage Chart (0 'F)
  •  Bacon and Sausage - One to Two Months
  •  Casseroles - Two to Three Months
  •  Egg whites or egg substitutes - 12 Months
  •  Frozen Dinners and Entrees - Three to Four Months
  •  Gravy, meat or poultry - Two to Three Months
  •  Ham, Hotdogs and Lunchmeats - One to Two Months
  •  Meat, uncooked roasts - Four to 12 Months
  •  Meat, uncooked steaks or chops - Four to 12 Months
  •  Meat, uncooked ground - Three to Four Months
  •  Meat, cooked - Two to Three Months
  •  Poultry, uncooked whole - 12 Months
  •  Poultry, uncooked parts - Nine Months
  •  Poultry, uncooked giblets - Three to Four Months
  •  Poultry, cooked - Four Months
  •  Soups and Stews - Two to Three Months
  •  Wild game, uncooked - Eight to 12 Months
Margaret- Don’t be going and checking out my facts! I already did that so you don’t have to. (I double checked them anyway, I couldn't help myself- M)

Oh and if you want to freeze a squirrel – according to another website – it will last 9-12 months, Tofu – 6-8 WEEKS.  I’m just covering my bases here!
Well, I gotta run.I have to sneak to the dumpster behind the grocery store to offload 4 bags of meat from 2008.


Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

What a great post!! Things I didn't know and wouldn't have thought of!

Noelle said...

this is good information because i've read that most of the time when we think we have a stomach virus, it's actually food poisoning. could be from our own freezer!

Menopausal New Mom said...

My rule of thumb, if I take it out of the freezer and it doesn't look like anything I can identify, I toss it!! Happens more often than I care to admit! Thanks for posting and for checking out my blog!

I'm following you now!

Holly said...

How did you know this was what I needed...I am cleaning out my freezers!


PS-If you all have any wedding related questions, I am going to be answering Q and A on my blog. So bring on any and all questions.

kys said...

Only 3 to 4 months for frozen dinners/entrees???? Oooops!
PS I think my frozen squirrel is ok though. Whew.

Melissa said...

This is exactly what I needed. See, we have a frozen turkey that we bought last year, and I'm wondering if I can serve it to guests this year. Looks like I'll be just under the deadline! Wanna come for Thanksgiving?

blueviolet said...

I'll bet I've got some meat that has overstayed its welcome!

Unknown Mami said...

Very useful Uninvited Guest post. I wish all uninvited guests were this helpful.