Friday, February 26, 2010

Grand Opening of the Sprouts Farmes Market in Aurora / Centennial Colorado

Yay, a brand new Sprouts Farmers Market in Centennial, CO opened today.  My Friend Gina and I went this morning for a Friday Field Trip. She wasn't as excited as I was, because she hates anything healthy, but she ended up having a good time anyway. Visit her blog for her take on our Friday Field Trip.    Hopefully, she'll post about it today because she had me laughing the whole time.
The new store is at 
Sprouts - Centennial
20811 E. Smoky Hill Rd.
Centennial, CO 80015

I was really pleased with the store. It's large, bright and open. They carry much wider variety of sauces and international ingredients than Sunflower Farmers Market does and they have more breads and baked goods too. Sprouts carries lots of vitamins and nutritional supplements, fresh natural meats, great produce, a very nice selection of imported cheeses and tons of bulk items. Sprouts has really low prices on tons of stuff every week but for this grand opening they have just ridiculously low prices. How about dried apricots for $1.00 a pound,  .49 cents for a 10 pound bag of potatoes or 4 full size pineapples for $5.00? If you're near, you should head on over for some great bargains.
(Aurora, CO) Sprouts in Aurora


The Crazy Coxes said...

Sorry I was a "little" cranky. Now that I have some sugar in my system, I might have to go back. ;)

Ginny Marie said...

That store sounds wonderful! I wish we had one in our area. My parents used to live in Highlands Ranch, not far from Centennial. I loved going to visit them!