Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Random Tuesday Customer Service- Words with Friends- Plumbing and Valentine's Day!

If you have an iPhone or an iPod touch, whatever you do, don't get Words With Friends if you ever want to get anything done.  It is so addictive and so much fun. You basically play a scrabble game against different opponents. You can have the game assign you a random player or you can challenge someone from Facebook or by email. You can play against as many people at once as you like. I am in the middle of games with 3 of my own kids and my future son in law plus a friend. We're all hooked. You know it's bad when I am sitting in the same room and playing against them. Yep this actually happened. We were too tired to get up and play a real game. So sad and embarrassing but true.  There is even a fan page on Facebook and a website for addicts. See tyhe little eyes at the top of this pocture- That means that your opponent is looking at the board too.  It even has a chat feature so that you can slam then when they are losing. I love that feature!!!

I can't stand computers answering customer service lines and "Helping me". They don't!!!! The stupid calm & patient patronizing voice makes me want to bang my head with the telephone. The worst is when you have A-NNUN-CEE-ATED (Annunciated) the words very clearly and the voice tells you that "We were unable to understand your response., try again" That's because you are not human- GIVE ME A REAL PERSON!!!!!. I'm begging you!! I did discover the site Gethuman.com which has numbers and shortcuts to help try and get you to a human faster. It even shows the success rate and wait times people have experienced. It's worth a try. Anything is worth a try.

It was Zero degrees outside this morning. That's not a temperature! It is however the IQ of anyone who got out of bed and went out in it. Oh wait that was me.

I love a great plumbing company! I had been using a different plumbing company the last few years and they were charging me an arm and a leg. So someone told me about a new company.  I had a faucet handle that was leaking badly so I called Bell Plumbing in Aurora, Colorado. Usually I can do some minor repairs on my own but the handle wouldn't come off and I didn't want to pull too hard and break something. Better to let a professional break it so that they have to fix it on their dime. As it turned out- I just didn't pull hard enough. The great guy who came out took the time to teach me exactly what to do the next time and what parts I would need in case this happened again. Not only that but they are very reasonable. They charge a trip fee but then only charge you by 1/4 hour increments. It was a very reasonable cost for a plumbing lesson and a fixed faucet.

I'm giving away a $50 Safeway Gift Card. I'll be picking a winner on Valentine's day- don't forget to enter! 

Valentine's Day is this weekend. We really don't do too much to celebrate it. Maybe exchange cards or go out to dinner but no dress up fancy stuff for us. How do you celebrate it?

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CaJoh said...

Stopping by from the Un Mom…

You always wonder why they make phone trees so complicated as well. There needs to be a map so that you know how to talk to the right person.

I fear the day when I can no longer type and have to rely upon word recognition to get my posts out.

Thanks for your randomness,

The Crazy Coxes said...

Love it!
I AM worried about your addiction to these games - and FB games! I hate to see you waste 30 seconds being unproductive!

happily retired gal said...

Guess it's a good thing I don't have an iPod or iPhone ... dunno where I'd find the time to play such games though I know I'd be tempted. Don't get me started about those computerized answering service lines ... I've spent way too much time dealing with them recently signing up for Medicare since I turn 65 this month. Thanks for the tip about Gethuman.com ... I'll check it out.
Hugs and blessings,
My Random Tuesday Thoughts

Anonymous said...

I'm totally addicted to Words with Friends!!!
I'm playing against my husband and a couple of random opponents right now.

Grand Pooba said...

I wanna iPod touch so bad!!!