Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Random Tuesday- Rip off Candy Hearts- Olympics and Teleprompters

I hate getting ripped off!

For Valentine's day I got my kids heart shaped boxes filled with candy.  I was raised in a Whitman's Chocolate family. My husband comes from a Russell Stover family. Since I buy the candy- I buy Whitman's. I found the hearts at the store and got these really cute pink boxes for the girls and the red ones for the boys. They were right next to each other and the same price. The pink one did say Premium Chocolates and I didn't read the packages to compare the OZ in each (my bad) but that didn't sway me the pink was cute so I bought them. The girls got ripped off. Here are the insides.....

Top it off with the fact that the exact same chocolates were in each box- just a ton less! No Premium about it. I paid for cute and when it comes to chocolate- cute alone doesn't cut it. They even got rid of the chocolate map inside the box, Russel Stover bought out Whitman's- need I say more. I don't like people messing with my chocolate.

I love the Olympics!!!! I literally get tears in my eyes when I watch the medal ceremonies and hear the National Anthem for our country. Monday night they showed the US Women who took Gold and Bronze in Freestyle Moguls- AMAZING!!!!

 We rarely watch "live"tv we always watch it tivoed so that we don't have to watch commercials. We have been watching the Olympics live and I've got to say that there are a lot of really stupid commercials.

I have a feeling that my best friend won't be speaking to me anytime soon. He son called to see if I had any pedals or effects that he could try out with his wired violin. I said sure and lent him a Line 6 amp that has over 130 effects built into the 4 channels. It weighs about 50 pounds and can produce enough sound for a decent size venue. Imagine it inside a room in her house. I can't say I'd blame her if she killed me.

It's Mardi Gras which is French for Fat Tuesday the last day for eating fatty rich foods and misbehaving before Lent, which begins tomorrow! Party time! I better go get a King's Cake made before it's too late or I'll have to wait until next year. You can only make it between 12th night and Mardi Gras. Tomorrow will be too late!

Speaking of stupid- I don't usually make any political comments here but every time I have thought about this over the last 2 weeks I am amazed. I saw this speech that President Obama made to classroom of 30- 6th graders and couldn't believe my eyes- He had 2 TELEPROMPTERS to speak to a bunch of children. REALLY?????? He couldn't talk to a group of kids without his speech being up to read???? Ok, we knew this could be a problem when he had a teleprompter set up for a speech at the Iowa State Fair but seriously, he can't speak for 5 minutes to a bunch of kids? Embarrassing.

In case you didn't know, it's National Love Makes the World Go Round But Laughter Keeps Us From Getting Dizzy Week. I hope you laugh and love this week! Have a  good one!
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The Crazy Coxes said...

Yes - I should hate you! But it's not the noise, it's the fact that he now wants something else - some recording doohickey for $200. Heaven help me!

Cute rules! Cute is the only thing that is important. I would pay more and get less chocolate as long as it is cute!!!!!

Anne said...

Wow, I would be pissed about the chocolates. Especially since I know what would happen with my kids if one got more chocolate than the other. If your friend suggested you as a source for the amp then she has no one to blame but herself :). The volume switch is a wonderful thing. I had my paczki today. My daughter had a king's cake at school because a parent came in to teach them about Mardi Gras. She was so excited because she got the baby.

Sprite's Keeper said...

Hope you got your King's Cake! I haven't had one of those in years and of course I got the piece with the baby. I never got to do it the next year. Forgot. Oops!

Deborah said...

You know, I was looking at a box of candy also and the box looked like your's, empty!!!! I hate that too!

Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

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Nat said...

Not to start anything political, but Obama did not use the teleprompters when talking to the children, he used them later when giving a speech about education in the same room. A lot of news stations sold it like he used it to talk to the kids, but the speech he gave would have been pretty advanced for 6th graders. Hah.

I can't believe those chocolates! That is such a rip off! It's nuts that those cost the same... and now I'm craving a cupcake from the kitchen.

gayle said...

That would have upset me about the chocolates especially when you are trying to be fair!!

Tracie said...

I'm a Whitman's gal too. I didn't buy any this year though. Thanks for the warning.

Maybe some love and laughter can make this dreary February a little brighter. I need something to perk me up.