Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tow trucks, dollar bills and baby sweaters. It must be Random Tuesday!

My daughter's car got towed Sunday night. She went into a parking lot and every spot had a sign saying parking for these stores only.  Right by the street there were 4 unmarked spots- no signs nothing, so she parked in one of those spots. She came out and the car was gone. Towed away. She called the towing company and they were so mean that she cried. I called to find out where it was taken and the man was equally as rude to me and told me that I would have to wait until 8am to get the information on where the car was being stored and how to pick it up. I was mad. On Monday morning, I'd calmed down and called to see where to pick up my daughter's car. The guy on the phone was a jerk. This rude man shouted orders to me about how the fee has to be in cash,  exact change, nothing larger than a $20 and how I'd better be there by 4pm or they'd charge me more money. Just mean and rude!  I was so ticked off that I got my daughter to empty her piggy bank into a plastic bag and then went and got the remaining $210 in one dollar bills from her account, took them out of the wrappers and put them loose and crumpled up in the bag as well. We went in and were as sweet and kind as we could be and laughed inside while the man had to straighten and count the $210 one dollar bills and 60 cents in small change. I know it was petty of me but it really made me feel better and I was following his instructions. In addition to that satisfaction it's obvious that the lot owner did not sign the consent to tow, the tow truck driver filled it all out so they broke the law. That's a fight for another day.

Instead of a junk yard dog, they had a junk yard cat guarding the cars, Chester.

Obviously, my daughter learned that even if there isn't a sign, you still shouldn't ever park in a lot where they tow.

You have to check out Lisa Leonard's new owl necklace. It's so cute. Go take a look at her store if you haven't seen her stuff before. You'll love it. 
I need a good night sleep. I'm just dang tired. I had to help feed 195 kids before a Masterworks concert last night.
My friend that I made this baby sweater for, had her baby yesterday!!!! I finished it on Thursday, just an hour before we were meeting for lunch. That was close!!!
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Menopausal New Mom said...

What a drag for your daughter. The panic I would feel to come out of a shop and find my car missing would give me an instant headache. Love that you got the fine money in ones, good for you. Loved the bag idea too!

The Crazy Coxes said...

Love the baby sweater. Does it come in my size?

blueviolet said...

There was no reason for the guy to be such a jerk! I'm glad your money was crumpled!!!

I hope you win the action against the unlawful towing too!

VandyJ said...

Goog timing on the sweater. That necklace is wonderful.

Michele R said...

What a lesson for us all! I'd be so mad at the rude guys.
Thanks for the comment on my blog. Of all the weird things, I saw your name on Keely's list (Facts from a fact Woman) and of all 50 or so entries, I clicked on yours. And now I've looked at your profile and see that you were a childbirth educator and doula. Wonderful! I took doula training years ago here in Atlanta with the lady that started CAPPA. never did it cuz I always worked outside the home. But I love to educate women and provide resources for a dafe birth.
So good to "meet" you.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful sweater! - Cara

Tezzie said...

Oh, how frustrating about the towing...but AWESOME what you did to pay the guy! Hahaha!! Truly hope you take him to court...he needs to learn that he can't treat people like that!

And, thanks for visiting...and joining!

-Tezzie (a fellow ADDer :D)

Mrsbear said...

Love the sweater and the jewelry.

And I can appreciate your mild mannered retaliation. The guy sounds like quite the creep, and making him count out singles is way better than Judo chopping him in the throat.

gayle said...

The baby sweater is so beautiful!!!