Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Random Tuesday- Wedding is over!

It's Tuesday and it's random.
We just got home from Seattle. My oldest daughter got married on Saturday. The wedding went so smoothly and turned out just exactly as they wanted! Yay!

I'm so tired that I did nothing yesterday and today I've done nothing except laundry.
If you have a child getting married the one thing I would do is give my camera to a friend and have them take photos during the entire event. As the mother of the bride you don't have time or think about taking pictures yourself. I'm waiting for their friends to post pictures to Facebook.

I only cried once on the wedding day. It was before every one got there. I just needed a cry to release some tension. My friend Gina gave me permission to cry for 30 seconds then I was fine. I didn't even cry during the ceremony. The pastor who married them knows them really well and had lots of funny and sweet stories about them. It was a really fun day.

We had a candy buffet as part of the reception. It was a huge hit. It had 10 different candies, that were the bride and grooms favorites.
We had Skittles, Hot Tamales, Peanut M&M's ( I got them after Valentine's day so that they were all pinks, reds and whites, Swedish Fish, Pink and white grapefruit slices, peppermint pillows, Sour Patch Kids, old fashioned candy sticks and Diams. We bought containers at Ikea and plastic scoops from the container store.  Delicious!!!! The flowers for the reception and wedding we got at Pikes Market. They were so beautiful. Sadly we didn't find any unicorns.
A fun time was had by all.

Why is it, no matter how old you get, your parents can still push all your buttons and drive you crazy? I got so mad at my folks and my in-laws on the wedding day. They announced that they were going to go take a drive past the bride and grooms' new house. I explained that the groom was going to be home and to NOT stop and bother him. He was trying to get things done before the wedding and didn't need people barging in. I was VERY clear!!!! What did they do?????.........stopped by the house and spent 20 minutes getting a full tour. The groom was none too happy. He just didn't need to be giving people a tour and visiting when he was getting ready. It was selfish, rude and inconsiderate and I was really pretty ticked off and disappointed, as was the bride and the groom. Age grants you some concessions but not the right to totally disregarding a very specific request. Makes me mad all over again just typing this.

I just found a great iPhoto plug in called Impressions  You can get it for free or you can buy the license. The free version allows you to add a personalized watermark on one photo at a time while the license allows you to batch watermark. I love it.

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danielle said...

what a beautiful wedding! i love laura!! miss you guys!

Just call me Yankee said...

I love the candy idea at the wedding. I may snitch your idea! My parents also push my buttons. I can handle smallish doses and then need my space. Happy RTT!

Susan said...

How lovely! I hope you get to see some pictures soon! I want to see what you ended up wearing! (hopefully I didn't miss that post already or something)

I imagine for me that seeing my daughter get married (or any of my children, for that matter) will be a bitter sweet time. Just like watching them grow up right now. I still have years and years before this will happen, but, seeing my first baby boy go from zero to almost ten years old already, I realize how quickly that time really does pass by. May I never take even a second of it for granted.

Hugs to you.


ThingsToDoWithKids said...

Glad the wedding went well. My Best friend is having the candy bar at their wedding too, looking very forward to that.

That sounds like something my grandparents would do. They always ignore request like that, I think they think they're intitled to do as they please and everyone should put up with it.

gayle said...

I love the candy idea!! Can't wait to see more photos!! My in laws would do something like that!!