Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"My Mother-In-Law was a professional wrestler" and other funny comments

I had 2 plumbers working at my house a while back. As they were heading out to the truck to grab a part, I heard one of them say to the other, "Oh, yeah, my mother-in-law was a professional wrestler.....!" WHAT??????? I really wish I could have heard the rest of the conversation but they closed the door before I could hear anymore. 

I took all day getting caught up on my blog and getting posts ready to post while we're away. I feel like shouting- I'm Back!!!!!!!

My daughter's boyfriend decided 3 days ago that he was starting to like her too much and since they will be going to college far away from each other that they should break up now....A WEEK BEFORE PROM?????!!!!!!!!!! Seriously what an idiot. Could he not have waited a week?  Thankfully, she has some darling girlfriends who she's going to go with!

I have a friend who's quite the fashion diva. She helps people with their wardrobes and outfitting them. If I have to go anywhere nice she helps me pick out my outfits. She's one the nicest people I know plus she makes some of the funniest comments.  Here are a few things she's said recently:
  • See that woman?- What Stacy and Clinton do in a whole day, I could do in 20 second with a wet washcloth. In reference to a woman with WAY too much makeup on. 
  • If the tribulation happens during a Girl's Night, some of us are going to miss it because we're too busy talkin'.
  • A good pair of shoes can make up for anything except for a bad haircut. Isn't that the truth!!!!
  • This was a miracle because a miracle is when a Georgia girl can get you home through a Blizzard. Said after driving a group of friends home from dinner in a true blizzard.
It must finally be spring. The hummingbirds are back. They arrived 6 days later than last year. Yes, I keep a database of the arrival and departure dates for the different species that come. Can you say NERD? Yep you can and I am!!! 

My mom is coming in 5 days which means spring cleaning is in full swing. They'll be here for a week and the day they leave is the day we leave for a 12 day trip. I have no idea when I'm going to pack.  Oh Update- They come in 3 days and will be here for 10 days. I'm not ready!!!!!!!!!!!

We have a tradition when a child graduates from high school, that summer we take them and one of their friends to England and to one other country of their choice. We've done this with each of our kids. We get to see new places and things and it's an experience to share with only that child. It's been a very special tradition that I'm so glad we started. We save up for the trip for the 3 years between each kid.  We'll go to London for just a couple of nights (so expensive in the city) then head out to small bed and breakfasts in the countryside then we fly to the other country they choose and do the same there.  They've each chosen a different country so we've seen a lot of different places. France, Spain, and Sweden. This trip, our youngest picked, Greece as her other country so we'll be spending some beach time on some of the small islands- away from the city riots over finances, which are hopefully over.  Now if the Icelandic volcano will cooperate and quit erupting so that our flights won't be cancelled we'll have a perfect trip.
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Acorn to Oak said...

I can't believe your daughter's boyfriend broke up with her night before prom! And, I bet she already had her dress and everything. Boys! Argh! I hope she has a great time with her girlfriends! Good luck with all your housecleaning and packing. I love graduation tradition you have with your kids. That's awesome! Have a wonderful time!

Katie said...

What a wonderful tradition! Boys. sigh.

The Crazy Coxes said...

I love the fashion diva's comments! I can see/hear her saying them!

Tracie said...

What is wrong with that boy??? Some nerve!

I love your traveling tradition. I wish we could afford to do the same.