Friday, June 4, 2010

Fractured Friday from Greece

I may be the worst friend in the world. I totally made vacation plans without thinking about the fact that the school year for the non-senior students and all the staff didn't end until a week after I left. This means that my friend Gina had to run the staff BBQ all by herself today. meanwhile this is what I was doing... I was sitting  the beach and reading. I've finished 6 books int he last 3 days sitting on the beach under an umbrella drinking sweet tropical drinks which make you feel like taking a nap. It's been such a rough time but don't feel sorry for me. it was my choice!!! If I could get a picture UPI would but I can't seem to bet it to work. I hope that someday she'll forgive me and at the lunch went well.

I've learned a lot in Greece. One: they have the hardest beds in the world. Seriously, the tile floor is softer than the beds at the resort we've been at for the past 3 nights. The bed at the hotel in Athens were only slightly softer and they were still like bricks.

The women of Europe have no body issues like we have in the US. This resort was filled with Russians, Greeks, Germans and a few Brits, We were the only Americans. Almost all the women wore bikinis. I'm talking 200+ pound women, women with big saggy tummies and all just walking around like it is nothing to be in a skimpy bathing suit. They were so comfortable in their skin. I wish I was that comfortable in mine and that US women were too. Now the one thing I could have done without was old men or any age men in speedos and while were at it the few 60 year old women topless. can you say tick tack toe with their boobs and bellybutton!!

The food has been fabulous. So many fresh tomatoes, cukes and yummy veggies. Top that off with nuts and feta cheese plus Greek yoghurt that is so thick that your spoon can stand up in it. I've had a wonderful time.

We leave for London tomorrow and I will day I am ready for soft comfy beds and some more food. Today my daughter twisted he ankle and she we are hoping that it's not broken. We got some ace bandages and I have her on anvil so hopefully she'll be able to walk tomorrow. She hobbled throughout the Athens airport today fate flying from Crete so I'm going to pretend that it's fine and in the morning it will be. Even if I thought it was broken, I wouldn't bring he to the hospital he in Greece. hey are s ray looking places with barbed wire around them. Well wait until tomorrow when we get to London. Denial is a beautiful thing.


gayle said...

Sounds wonderful! not the ankle!
Hope you can post pictures soon!!

Mama Zen said...

I would love to visit Greece!