Monday, July 5, 2010

Monday's Household assignments- Pictures of your kids

I was going through photos of my kids, looking for some to frame, and realized what all parents of multiple kids run into later on, there are not very many pictures of my youngest daughter and there are even fewer of her all alone!!!
Here is the day we brought her home from the hospital and here's one of her senior pictures. There just aren't that many pictures in between!!!!!
When they were little, it was so hectic and hard to take the time remember to pull out the camera and take a picture. When I did remember, they were group shots of all of them, usually at some event or on a trip. OK, you have to give me a small break because in "the old days"( the 80's), taking a picture was a hassle. It meant taking the photo, waiting until you finished the roll of 24 or 36 pictures, taking the film to be developed somewhere, remembering to pick up the film and then having to find a place to store the pictures- 60% of which were bad shots! Digital cameras are so much easier.

Your assignment is to take the time, once a month, to pull out your camera and take some pictures of each your kids doing ordinary things. Reading a book, playing a game, sleeping, anything. Just take a few shots each month of each child individually.  Not just when they are younger either! Each of my kids have pictures from birth to age 5 or 6 but then there are very few of them from 6 to about 14 when they started taking their own photos. So keep on snapping once a month. You'll thank me later when you won't be feeling as guilty as I do about dropping the ball and scaring your child for life!!! Plus, think of how much money you'll save not paying for therapy for your youngest child later on!!!!

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Mama Badger said...

Aha! PB gets annoyed at me because I take a picture of the boys at least once a month. Usually many more than that, but at least once a month. I want to be able to see how they change and grow. And give them something to look back at when they have kids.