Thursday, December 2, 2010

If you like to cook with your kids or have kids learning to cook- here's a great new app to try-Big Fork Little Fork!

I just heard about a wonderful new app for the iPad and can't wait to try it.
"Big Fork Little Fork" is an app to help kids develop smart eating habits and an appreciation for food.

Available exclusively on the iPad, the app has been designed to help parents engage their children to learn basic cooking techniques, kitchen safety, manners and healthy living habits. The app features  how-to videos, in-depth articles, tips, recipes and educational games. Here's a link that shows all that the app does.

Ideal for:

* Parents and kids cooking together
* Parents looking to expand their children’s (or even spouse’s) palates
* Cooking inspiration during the holiday season
* College kids learning how to cook on their own for the first time
* Home-schooling parents looking to infuse food education into their curriculum
I can't wait to try it out and pass it along to my college kids who are learning to cook for themselves.

There is also an additional package of globally inspired recipes from celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson. He is a young innovative chef with restaurants in New York and a great blog. 
It's an additional $4.99 but if they are as good as his other recipes, worth every penny.

I'll let you know more about the app after I've played with it and after my kids have tried it.

From now until December 31st the app is free!!!!! Go to Big Fork Little Fork at  to download it to you iPad.

To add the app to your iPad:
* From your iPad:
1. Press home button.
2. Press App Store icon.
3. Select search and enter Big Fork Little Fork.
4. Once it appears in the menu below the search area.
5. Tap on the section where the Big Fork Little Fork appears, you will then see the additional information about the application.
6. Tap on the button to purchase Big Fork Little Fork.
7. Tap on install.

You can also access the application from the iTunes App Store from your computer

* Please follow the below steps:
1. Download iTunes from and register for an iTunes account.
2. Click on App Store.
3. Click on Lifestyle.
4. Locate the Big Fork Little Fork in the Lifestyle category.
5. Purchase Big Fork Little Fork.

Once you have downloaded the app, make sure to access the new and exclusive content from Marcus Samuelsson!
Instructions to download the exclusive new content from celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson:
On the homescreen you can press TOOLS and then select SHOP to see available content for purchase such as Recipes from Marcus Samuelsson, featuring 50 new recipes and 10 new videos by celebrity Chef Marcus Samuelsson. You can also see recently downloaded items on the homescreen on the cookbook in the COOK section, as well as new editions to download.

 “I wrote this blog post while participating in a TwitterMoms program, making me eligible to get an iTunes gift card in order to purchase the Marcus Samuelsson recipe collection on Big Fork Little Fork free. For more information on how you can participate, click here!

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