Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Is your wrapping paper a bit too small for your package? Try this green tip!

Has this ever happened to you?

Have you ever cut a piece of paper or had a bit left from another package and it is just a little too small? Well here is a handy hint I learned from my daughter Laura.

This method is especially useful for packages that are just a bit too large for a full size roll of paper. Instead of having to patch 2 pieces of paper together to fit around the package, try this method to save yourself some time, tape and paper.

You are going to fold in the corners of the paper instead of the edges so take the item you want to wrap and rotate it on the paper like this.

Next fold 2 opposite corners into the middle

Now fold in the top corner tucking the sides in neatly. Place a piece of tape on each side to hold.

Tuck in the sides.

Then fold the last corner up and over and tape to seal the package.

You just used the piece of paper that was too small to wrap the traditional way
to wrap your package.

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