Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Let's get cooking!

This week my friend Gina and I realized that we cook for 1000's of people each year as volunteers. That's right, we work our tails off and make no money. Something is very wrong with this! Today found a new career where we can cook and get paid for it. We are going to start cooking meth. We got this idea while I was purchasing items for graduation gifts. Each year I make first aid kits for all of the high school graduates I know.
I take a plastic shoe box and put in Band aids, neosporin, hydrocortizone cream, Ibuprofin, a thermometer, throat lozenges, tums, and night and day cold medicine. This gift provokes rolling eyes and very overly polite, ummmmm thanks, Mrs. Noble, this is great. NOT!!!!!!! They think it is stupid but their mother's love it and the first time they get really sick and their moms are not home and their roommates are just going to let them die alone in bed, they really love my gift.

Anyway, every year, when I go to buy all this stuff the cold medicine is a huge issue. You see, it is illegal to purchase more than 3 boxes of cold medicine in any 24 hour period to help curb meth production. I needed 10 day and 10 night.
When I got to the check out, the 5 day and night combo boxes scanned without a problem. Obviously someone didn't enter in that they were a controlled substance. Wish that they'd had more than 5 on the shelf. The nighttime boxes had 3 go through but the last 2 flagged, same with the day. I asked the checker if she could override it. Obviously, I am not a meth user or maker. She called her supervisor who refused to override it. I then talked witht he manager who also refused to over ride it. For pete's sake, I had 10 boxes, 10 thermometers, 10 of each of the other items. I'm not making meth!!!!! After being told no and being told that I could not legally go through the self check out line, that is exactly what we did. We snuck down to the self- check out line and started scanning. Suddenly the screen said authorization required, CRAP we're caught. Thankfully the manager was still at the other end and the guy at the self check out didn't know we'd been told NO. He plugs in his codes. (1238 was his password) and then we scanned the rest of our illegal cold meds. That's what got us thinking. If we were going to be treated like criminals then we chould act like ones. That lasted until we saw 2 cop cars pulling into the parking lot to arrest us. Actually they were there to give a ticket to another car. Close One!!! Our life of crime is over for today and now I'm going to go take all this stuff
and get my graduation gifts put together.

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