Thursday, August 20, 2009

C'est Chic Cupcakes Review

My friend Gina from "My Own Brand of Crazy" and I are obsessed with cupcakes. We have been visiting local cupcake shops in hopes of finding the perfect cupcake. The problem is that we both want a lighter fluffier cake part than we are finding. The cupcakes that we tried today were from a brand new shop called C'est Chic Cupcakes that opened yesterday in Littleton, CO. We each got 4 cupcakes to "test". Here are the ones that I chose.

Clockwise from top: In brown paper- Carrot Cake, New Orleans Lemon, Chocolate Orange, Creme Brulee

They were very good! The cake is still a bit too dense for my preference, but they're better than some other cupcake bakeries we've tried. That aside, the cupcakes are amazing. My favorite was the chocolate orange cupcake which has a deep rich chocolate cake with a perfect buttercream. The buttercream has orange zest and an unexpected orange blossom oil which gives it a light floral undertone. Different but sublime!
The New Orleans Lemon cupcake has a light lemon flavored cake with a light traditional cream cheese frosting and a pool of lemon curd on the top that gave it it's lemony taste. The Creme Brulee cupcake has a vanilla bean cake with tons of vanilla flavor, a vanilla bean whipped cream icing and a caramelized sugar disk perched on top, delicious. The Carrot Cake cupcake has a traditional carrot cake with the perfect amount of nutmeg and spice and is topped with a fluffy cream cheese frosting.

The shop has 7 different flavors each day on a rotating basis. They have premium flavors like Caramel Apple, Black Forest, Bananas Foster, Pineapple Upside Down and some out there flavors like Jasmine Green Tea, Port Wine, and Chai Tea. Skeptical, I tried a mini cupcake sample of the Chai Tea and it was fabulous, nice spice notes and a vanilla undertone. They are open every day except Tuesday and closed each day from 2 to 4pm??.

These are the things I would change.

1. They only have samples of the flavors from the day before. They use up their leftover batter each evening to make samples for the next day. That doesn't help me decide which flavors I wanted to buy today. I really wanted to try the Port Wine cupcake but wasn't willing to buy a whole cupcake that I might not have liked. As I said earlier, I sampled the Chai Tea cupcake and it was great. I would have loved to have bought a large one today but it was a flavor from yesterday and I don't live close enough to go back next Wednesday. Bummer.
2. Closed from 2 to 4? Why??
3. I'd like to see a basic vanilla and a basic chocolate cupcake available each day in addition to their premium flavors. Sometimes you just want a plain old cupcake.
4. The flavors are on a rotating basis with no daily standards to count on.
These small nitpicks are not enough to keep us away from this shop whenever we're in that area of town.


Kaylen said...

closed from 2-4?? Random! I would like to pretend that the staff all stops and takes a cupcake break together.

My son would LOVE the pineapple one. And if you're taking orders, I'll take a Black Forest. :)

And I agree--having samples from the day before does you no good for choosing!

my3boys said...

Regarding being closed from 2-4pm:
Picking-up the kids from school maybe?