Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What I want to do once school starts- Writer's Wednesday

It's Wednesday and Mama Kat has posted her prompts for the week. I chose

#1.) What will you be doing now that the kids are back in school?
(inspired by Michelle from Honest And Truly)

It's strange to think about what I want to do when school starts because this will be my last year of having a child in school, after that life will be very different.

I go back to school when my daughter does, volunteering for the first month. I am the only idiot dumb enough to be in charge of outfitting 4 choirs of kids. OK, I actually asked for the job 4 years ago because the choir dresses for the girls were so hideous and I wanted to pick new ones so that the girls would look nice on stage and so they wouldn't embarrass the school at competitions. (they were that bad!) It is a lousy job! I have to measure ever single kid, figure out what size they need, the size charts for the dresses are way off, order their dress or tux, put in all the orders, wait 5-7 weeks for the stuff to arrive, organize all of the orders, make sure it all fits and arrange for the hemming (there is no way that I want to hem 80 dresses myself) reorder, resend and wait around. It takes about 7 weeks start to finish and is very stressful.

My regular bible study will start in Sept, yay!!!!

After the choir stuff is all done, then there is my real list and my fantasy list of the things I'd like to do.
Reality- I need to design a family reunion website for my husbands extended family.
Fantasy- Start cooking every night, after cooking for 6 to 7 for so many years I am having a hard time cooking for 2 or 3.
Reality- Redesign my business website.
Fantasy-Sew a re-purposed sweater from 6 other sweaters
Reality- plan at least one wedding- 2 daughters are almost engaged
Fantasy- Take a photography class and improve my photography skills in hopes of making it a real carreer
Reality- staging houses
Fantasy- Read, crochet and knit more
Reality- Clean, do laundry and get caught up from the summer.

I hope that I can do at least some of my fantasy tasks but you know how easily dreams can slip away!


Katie said...

how fun exciting to have a wedding in your future! That's a great blessing.

Gigi said...

I know exactly what you mean with your Fantasy and Reality lists! Only it seems that my Fantasy list never gets anything crossed off ::sigh::.

Thanks so much for stopping by my little corner of the world and deciding to follow. I truly appreciate it.

Faith Imagined said...

This is great! I need to jot down my fantasy and reality list!

Momma Such said...

Well I don't think many of your fantasy things seem that out of reach. Hopefully you can manage at least a few of them. Good luck! You sounds so busy!