Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Followers Button Not Working? Here's how to report it and how to use Google Reader

I've had a couple of people the last few days not be able to follow along. Sorry!!!! is having some technical issues with some blogs and lucky me, I'm one of them. I can't see followers, followers can't join my blog and I can't begin following anyone else's blog. If you are having trouble trying to follow this blog or any other or are having problems with your followers, Blogger is trying to gather data. You can report a problem by filling out this very short form. Copy and paste my url to paste into the form before you go!

I did find that I could go to my Google Reader and add the new blogs in there so at least I will know which ones I've added.  If you don't know about Google Reader you need to. Google Reader allows you to see all of your blogs on one page and read their latest posts, ALL ON ONE PAGE!!! It saves so much time! If you want to comment, you just click on the blog name or on the post and a new page opens to that spot. Amazing!!!
     I am not getting paid or supported for telling you this!!! I just love this service.
Here's a link to the sign up page: go to Google Reader  sign in using your Google account and set it up. I've found that as soon as I begin following a blog using my google account, the blog shows up on my reader. Right now with the Blogger technical difficulties, I'm just clicking on the +Add A Subscription, typing in the URL and that shows up on my reader. I'll go back and follow them when the system allows me to. I put these new blogs in a separate folder so that I remember which new ones I've added.
     The Folders are a great feature that allow you to organize the blogs  you follow into different folders. I have mine set up with folders for  Knitting Blogs, Photography Blogs, and My Followers' Blogs. Yes, if you have a blog and follow me, I try to read your blog at least once a week! I don't always have time to comment, but I am reading!!
     I hope that you are not one of the bloggers effected by this Follower's issue but if you are, hopefully these tips will help in the meantime. Have a great day!!!


Unknown Mami said...

I really need to start using Google Reader more. I read so many blogs and I'm sure it would be faster that way.

kyslp said...

I can't see my followers but I can follow others. I don't know if new followers can add to me or not. I got a couple of new ones yesterday so I guess it is working.

I love your tips! Thanks!

Veronica Lee said...

Thanks for the tips. You rock!!

Deborah said...

Thanks for the tip! I really don't know much about Google.. I am so glad the friends is back up! I finally got to join!