Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts


Yep even though you think it's Monday because of the Labor Day long weekend, it's Tuesday and that means it's time for randomness.

How's this for random?
I was informed this weekend that I have been put on Friend Probation. I was at a girl's get together and made the mistake of mentioning that I had sent a 26th groom to the diamond wholesaler that I have know for years and the amazing pricing he has on custom, semi-custom pieces. Everyone then started asking me about him and why in the world I had not shared this information with them!!! I am known for finding the best deals on things.

Truthfully, it never occurred to me that my friends buy a lot of "real" jewelry. Jewelry doesn't do a lot for me unless it's funky, fun and inexpensive- think Target. I'm an idiot!
All of them said I was on Friend Probation for not sharing this big find with them and I thought they were kidding until I got the following email from one of them.

  • My sweet girl, Here are a few suggestions to possibly get you off your probation....you must send one scriptual message to one of my two prodigal sons (she hopes that a former wild child, me, might get through to them), you must let me purchase one full price item, preferably designer, in your presence (I always try to get her to look for sales and shop at discounters for her designer items), you must host a girls night on your beautiful deck and I must be allowed a full dessert (my friend is diabetic and I am a food nazi when she tries to cheat), you must help me redecorate my living room and dining room, you must see at least 3 movies within the next month and we must have wine while we watch the movie. Love you! (The Landmark theater here in Denver has wine and food you can order while you watch a movie, makes us feel like we're movie stars)

I had a good laugh while I read through her list. She did let me know that it was all in jest and that our friendship wasn't in jeopardy at all. We are seeing Julie and Julia today!!!

  • Oh, so I don't get put on Blogger Friend Probation, the jeweler's name is Craig Studley at The Diamond Bank . Check out his website. He works out of his house yet is one of the largest diamond wholesalers in the west. He ships all over the world. I have been sending guys (including family members) to him for the last 10 years to buy their engagement rings. Every item they have purchased from him has always appraised for at 2 to 5 times what they paid. He can cast platinum and gold to create any custom piece you can dream up. Craig picks the best cut diamonds with the most sparkle and can get any stone, not just diamonds, you're looking for in any price range. If you need any fine jewelry, he's the guy to go to. By going to him instead of a mall store you get far more for less money because he has almost no overhead- no mall rent. Tell him Margaret sent you. I don't get anything from referrals!!! I just want him to know I'm supporting his business. Craig is just one of those nice guys who does a great job.
It was raining as we were coming home from the cabin yesterday afternoon. We saw 4 different rainbows and 2 of these were doubles. I love rainbows they always remind me that God's presence can create something beautiful out of the worst of storms.

Why do dogs lick so much? Yuck.
This week the hummingbirds have doubled the amount that they've been eating. They've gone through almost a gallon of sugar solution this week. It makes me so sad because I know this means they're storing up for their trip south and they won't be here much longer. The rufous hummies have already lest and I am left with the broadtails and the colliopes. Last year the last group of broadtails left on Sept. 19th and my bet is that they'll be leaving earlier this year. I love watching them chase each other and flit around the porch and hearing their chatter and buzzing. Here is one of the female broadtails landing for a snack, Sunday.


The Crazy Coxes said...

Yea for Random!
Yea for long weekends!

I hope you love the movie.
You're having way toooo much fun!

Gigi said...

Loved your post! The Friend Probation (even in jest) is too funny, I may have to steal it. And yes, dogs lick too much! Blech! And sometimes they bark too much. Ah well.

Kaylen said...

omg, that is the best picture of a hummingbird I have ever stumbled upon!! (stopping in from Keely's)

I happened to have just posted my h-bird picture a few days ago--it doesn't even compare to this one. Don't even bother to look! :)

Dogs are disgusting.

Tamara aka Cheapskate Mom said...

Ugh! My Dachshund, Toby licks ALL the time. I used to grab his tongue in the middle of a lick and tell him "No!" Now he avoids licking me but licks everything else around him!

Your friend probabtion almost sounds like fun :)

Ellie Belen said...

Rainbows are rare around here. I am always keeping an eye out for them because they fill me up. Hummingbirds have that same effect. Nature is wonderful.

Except dogs that are OCD about licking. Then nature seems a little eccentric.