Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Random Tuesday- Cows, Goats, Bobcats and Lyrics

We went to the stock show on Saturday- I love the stock show. We don't really go to see the animals like other city folk do, we see those at my husband's parents' cattle ranch. We go to watch some of the rodeo and horse competitions but mostly we go to see all the expo booths. You pick up a free plastic shopping bag and fill it up with all kinds of free crap- pens, rulers, foam cowboy hats and candy. I love pulling out a fertilizer company pen when someone asks to borrow one. They always give me this strange look like WTHeck???? Makes me laugh,  I'm easily entertained.
I love looking at the new and fantastical items that are for sale. How about a Vitamix blender? I swear it could build a house and decorate it for you, it can do so much but really- how much pureed stuff do you want to be eating? And all for a low price of $400!! No thanks.   The one thing I always look for is that one item that looks too good to be true. Every year there's one small booth, run by someone who had a great idea and is trying to sell their cool product.  I fall for it every single time!! You know what? The items have always lived up to the hype. Last year I bought a funnel shaped ice scraper from a guy who developed it in his garage. It is hands down the best ice scraper I've ever owned. This year was the most amazing fur remover to use on clothes and furniture. I'll be sharing this product with you soon. I was asked by the owner to keep my mouth shut for now.  I wish I could come up with a good idea I could sell!

I had a terrible morning on Friday. I drove up to meet a workman at our cabin in the mountains. It was a miserable 3 hour drive that usually takes 2. It went from 50° to 18° and sunny to freezing fog where you couldn't see the side of the road to heavy snow with high winds that caused ground blizzards- all in the course of 90 miles. So not cool.  Made it there and miracles of miracles the guy showed up on time, only to insist that his company could not have installed the hardwired smoke detectors that were wigging out.  According to him they've never installed that kind. OK- the guy has only worked there for 9 years- the house was built 16 years ago.  I designed the house, down to the location of every single outlet, and I was the one that hired his company to put them in and... I WATCHED THEM INSTALL THEM. He wouldn't budge because they're hardwired and he's "not a licensed electrician". I was ticked. After "discussing it" for a good half hour with a support call to my hubby to talk with him, we gave up and had him install new wireless ones instead of fixing the old ones. Now I have to go back up and find an electrician to remove the old ones that keep going off. ARGGGG
After all of that, I can only say that I'm SO GLAD that I went!!! By the time I headed home, the wind had died down and it was snowing softly. I was about a mile from the cabin, rounded a corner, and saw something crossing the road. I stopped where I'd seen it go in into the trees and low and behold this is what I saw.

Yep a bobcat!!! We've only seen him a few times over the years and I was so excited.
Thankfully, I'd brought my camera with me and got this shot of him.
God knew what kind of morning I'd had and did a great job cheering me up.

Farther down the mountain, I also got to see the mountain goats by the road.

All in all it turned out to be a good day!

If you ever listen to popular music and actually listen to the lyrics, you know how stupid many of them are. Over at My Own Brand of Crazy- Gina has started Monday's Ridiculudicrous Lyrics. For a great laugh head on over and check it out.

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Anonymous said...

The pic of the bobcat is beautiful!

VandyJ said...

Great animal sightings.

shopannies said...

very cool pic

The Crazy Coxes said...

Holy way cool!
I clicked on that button and it went to my blog!
You are magical!

The whole smoke alarm thing is stupid - or the man was stupid!!!!Let me know when you are going back up...maybe I'll tag along!

gretchen said...

First of all, that bobcat picture is way cool!

I used to love going to livestock shows when I was in Texas. Her in LA, the closest thing I can find is the CA State Fair. Their expo shows are HUGE. Great fun. Thanks for reminding me!

Ginny Marie said...

That picture of the bobcat is fantastic! I can't believe you got him "on film!" I can never pull out my camera fast enough to catch the wildlife I see.