Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Random Tuesday- Airport Security & Babysitting

Ready for randomness. It's Tuesday!
My hubby and I were talking about airport security lines. He travels a lot and he's come up with the 2 worst types of people to get behind in line.
  • The Surprised People- These people always act surprised when asked to put their liquids and or computer (out of the case) on the belt. They have to dig for or open their suitcase to find their bag of liquids or worse yet- don't have them in a baggie at all. This group also tries to carry their half drunk water bottles through security. This is the same group of people that the "How to buckle and unbuckle the seat belt" demonstration is aimed at.
  • The Didn't Remember They Were Traveling When They Got Dressed People- These people choose to wear a chain belt that's hard to remove, a ton of metal jewelry, studded jeans and lace up shoes or boots with knots in the laces and 2 coats. They take 20 minutes removing everything and then they stand right at the side of the belt to redress insead of moving away so other people can get their things.
For a while in Denver they had 3 different kinds of line. Green for people who need a little more time. Blue for travelers who were moderately  quick and the double black diamond lanes for the expert travelers. Just like the ski slopes, you had a few people who over estimated their abilities but for the most part, it made it faster for those of us who have a clue what to do. We miss those lines!

My dog came in from outside last week with the top of her snout bleeding.
It wasn't cut, it was scraped.  I of course, being a responsible pet owner, went out to see how in the world she could have done it and discovered that my 1 year old lab has a new hobby! I like self starters. She's decided that she'd like to visit China and dig her own tunnel to get there.  It only took an hour to get 3 feet so at this rate she'll be there in a week or so. I'm just hoping that the bare patch on the top of her nose fills back in or I'm going to have to use a sharpy to color it in each day! I'd hate for her to go on her trip looking like this.

I'm babysitting a 5month old tiny baby today (13 lbs) My kids were 9 lbs when they were born so she's small to me.  I haven't been around a baby for a while and haven't babysat one in years. I forgot how wonderful it is to hold a sleeping baby and how hard it is to get anything done. Trust me tying to take these photos and type this with a baby in my arms is taking some getting used to.
It"s going to be a great day. I hope yours is a good one too!!!!  Get random over at The Unmom!


Laufa said...

Denver is smart to notice they have too many tourists that don't know how to dress themselves. LOL

I am Harriet said...

I just passed through security 2 days ago and I cannot believe the people who cannot read, don't get it or are just stupid.

Have a great Tuesday!

gretchen said...

The Denver 3 lines thing sounds excellent! Here in Los Angeles there are always about 15 lines and they all wrap around the building and take about an hour to get through. Arrggh.

Jan said...

Beloved travels a great deal and LOVES it when security has a line for "experienced travelers."

LMAO @ your dog's new hobby. My dog just has the same ol' hobby of dragging his butt on the carpet after he comes in from doing his part in the Lawn Fertilization Process.

I know...ewww.

Tracie said...

My kids were 9 pounders too. I haven't been around a little baby in so long. Now I know why people were so eager to watch my son back in the day. At the time I thought they were being nice and wouldn't take them up on the offer.

Sara said...

wow that little baby is tiny. Of course my son was a 9 pounder, so when he was 5 months he was 19 pounds.

I bet that babe is fun to cuddle and hold though.

It is surprising what kind of people are out there when your at the airport

gayle said...

My husband use to travel a lot and oh the storie he could tell!!

I never get anything done when I babysit...no matter what age.

Oh don't you just love them tiny!

The Crazy Coxes said...

I hate inexperienced travellers. They are dumb! I hate dumb people.

The baby was sooooo cute!!!! So cute!!!!

Mrsbear said...

Those tiny babies are delicious.

Have your dog send us a post card once she makes it through to the next continent. ;)

Thanks for stopping by yesterday.

Anonymous said...

From the looks of that hole, he might reach China!

yonca said...

Oh,I miss to hold a baby :)Hope you're having a great week!

Unknown Mami said...

I think you better get your dog some kind of protective nose gear because this digging project is very ambitious.