Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Random Tuesday- Her bags are packed she's ready to go... Fried Fair Food, Bingo and Cows

Well the bags are packed, the car is loaded and we head out to Cali tomorrow morning.  My baby's got it all together. I will say it's easier to pack for weather that's the same all year long than a place with different seasons. She's very excited to start college a little nervous but excited. I'm just a little sad but will get over it soon. I am looking forward to setting something down and no one moving it. That or it will prove that I'm really scatter brained and have been forgetting where I've been putting things all these years. Hmmmmm

We went to the county fair in Nebraska last weekend. It was a blast!!! We ate lots of fried fair food like funnel cakes, Indian Tacos and ribbon fries.


We also played a few games of Bingo!  Bingo at the county fair is a big draw. The Lion's club bingo building is always packed on all 4 sides with about 100 players a game.
To say we were lucky would be an understatement. My daughter won 6 times, I won twice and her friend won twice in 2 days. Here they are after win #10!!! It was almost humorous. We'd win within a couple of game of sitting down- every time. We won 5 out of 10 games we played the first day alone. In a small town people don't like the out-of-towners to be the big winners. We got some dirty looks and some great prizes.

My inlaws live in a very small town and are cattle ranchers. Sarah's friend had never been up close and personal with a cow. I think cows are dang cute. Dumb as posts but cute. This one was in field in front  of the house.


The other big fun at the ranch was going to Alco and the girls found self inflating whoopee cushions.
I know they're heading off to college but they spent literally 4 hours playing with them on Friday afternoon. They'd sit on it or squeeze it until it made the farting noise and then lay on the floor and laugh and laugh. It was hilarious!! We played with it on the way home too. It's really funny to set one off in a bathroom stall and then stroll out looking all innocent.  We were behaving like 12 year old boys but I really haven't laughed that hard in ages.  Why are fart sounds so funny?

From laughter to tears. I'm really worried that I'm going to make a fool of myself by crying all the why home on the plane, Saturday. I better go pack some tissues. Now who moved them?

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The Crazy Coxes said...

Hmmm........I mst not have a sense of humor or else I've heard too many real farts to be amused by fake ones. It's the boys! They wreck everything! Have a safe drive!

Angel said...

I still laugh at farts, but only in certain occasions! I think baby cows are cute lol