Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Randomness- From the Grand Canyon to San Diego in Pictures

Last week I was on the road driving with my daughter to San Diego. We took the long way so that she could see the Grand Canyon. It was worth the extra 5 hours or windshield time! 3 days and 26 miles total.

We stopped at Arches National Park in Utah on the first day.  It's a beautiful park with very cool rocks that look like things other that rocks.

This rock looks like it's giving us the finger! That or telling us that we're number one!

 A small Asian kid screaming!
How about some rocks that look like a line of elephants!
The Grand Canyon is so awesome that you really can't even describe it and pictures can't begin to show how amazing it really is. Here's my daughter standing at the side of the canyon. There was no railing right here, just a straight drop off. She was 8 feet away from the edge but I kept telling her to not step back and to watch were she was standing. Yep panicked just a little. There were tons of people there and some of them were laughing at me! Didn't care- let your kid stand on the edge.....and fall!!!!

We stopped for lunch on old Route 66 and ate at a place that had the best pie we've ever had. She had chocolate peanut butter and here's my Chocolate Raspberry. It was sooooooo gooood!!!!!!!! Fluffy Chocolate cream over a raspberry cream filling with fresh raspberries in it and all on homemade flaky as can be pie crust. They have 22+ homemade flavors every day!!!!!! I wish I lived closer!!!

Driving through Arizona it was hot. I mean really hot. Even my car thought it was hot with a capital F. 

Here's my randomness- Out there in the middle of nowhere, near Kingman, AZ was an airplane graveyard. Just row after row of old airplanes baking in the sun.

FYI- from Moab to Palm Springs there is almost no cell service. It's a little scary driving on 2 lane roads through the desert with a town every 90 miles nothing in sight, 112 degrees and no cell service but we made it!! 

My husband flew in and met us in San Diego, we got her all moved into her dorm- good thing her roommate likes pink, said our goodbyes and headed home!
Now you head over to Keely's and post your own random thoughts, pictures or anything!


The Crazy Coxes said...

Love all the pics - especially of the dorm room. I don't think we are taking ANY deocrations. What did she hang her stuff on the wall with?

Christy said...

looks like a fun trip! Especially love the pictures of the rocks that look like other stuff, so fun!

Acorn to Oak said...

Looks like it was a fun road trip...except for having to leave your daughter behind at college. Where's that restaurant? I'd like to stop in for some pie on my next trip through the desert. Looks yummy!

Margaret aka: Fact Woman said...

The restaurant is called The Pine Country Restaurant in William, AZ. It's 1 hour south of the Grand Canyon and so worth the stop!!! Great food and amazing pies!!

Julie from Momspective said...

I love your interpretation of the rocks, I'd totally say the same thing!