Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Just got my press kit for the Pillsbury Crescent Brand Ambassador Contest!

My press kit just arrived!!! Fedex dropped it off without ringing the doorbell so I just found it!! First off, there's nothing like opening a box and having cute stuffing around the items! That made it even more special. Inside was a press kit that they'd made up just for me!! I feel like it's Christmas morning. Here's the kit!

See what I mean about the blue crinkle paper? So fun!!

The press kit is filled with stationary, fliers, stickers and recipe cards all with my Zippy BBQ Chicken Packets on them. I will say it's really weird see my face on everything. Thankfully, Mark Labriola II at Blue Ring Media, an amazing photographer, took some head shots for me to use for this adventure and he did a great job!!!

The website to vote will be up later and the real fun begins! The first voting preiod will be this fall from Sept 1- Oct 31. The recipes will be Easy Meal Recipes. Then from November 2- December 31st the focus will be on Holiday Entertaining Recipes. I'll update later with the link to vote.

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Acorn to Oak said...

This looks very exciting! And, your picture on it too?! Wow! You're a star! But, I have to admit that I must have missed a post or something earlier because I don't really understand what's happening. But, I'll keep checking back...can't wait to see what happens next. :-)