Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Random Tuesday- I'm Published!, Redneck Repairs, Advantages of an Empty Nest and a Sloppy Drunk- Oh wait that's my roommate!

My friend, Elizabeth, let me know that my recipe is in this month's issue of Rachel Ray magazine. How fun is that! It'll also be in Taste of Home magazine in October. Don't forget to Vote for me- if you feel like it that is!!!! You can click here or on the header at the top of the page. You can also enter to win $5000 for yourself all with one click. I'm the Zippy Orange BBQ Chicken Packet recipe.

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. That makes me the mother of an inventor!! My son's side mirror got taken off by a bus. It was going to cost around $300 to fix so he came up with his own solution.
Yep. Zip ties and a $2.99 hand mirror. I'm so proud. His comment was Take that Ford!!!
His repair reminded me of the site There I Fixed it- Redneck repairs? If you haven't seen it you should check it out for a laugh. 

Look at this one . Someone's going to die or need an ER with this set up!!! The good news is that they won't drown, they'll die long before they get to the water!What do you want wanna bet it was dads, babysitting the kids while mom was out, that came up with this brilliant idea. I bet a few beers were involved in it too.
white trash repairs - Nice Slide You Got There

Or how about this vehicle, it's just like a mullet haircut.  Business in the front and a party in the back!!!
white trash repairs - Hybrid Conversion Van

see more There I Fixed It

We went to the Taste of Colorado yesterday. Perfect weather, lots of crowds but some great food and lots of good people watching.

Welcome to college. My youngest daughter's first week at college is over. So far so good for her classes but not so good with the roommate. On Friday night Sarah went to bed at 11, at 1am she gets a phone call. It was a guy calling on her roommate's phone saying come get your roommate at our frat- she's sloppy drunk. Sarah got 2 friends to go walk with her the 3 blocks over to this stupid frat house, to help walk her drunk roommate home. My daughter got her back to the room, into bed, laying on her side and went back to sleep.  The best part was that Sarah wa leaving the next morning to go somewhere early so she woke her roommate up at 7am to tell her that she's 17, a freshman in college and it's time to grow up. That she'd (Sarah) always be there if she was really in trouble but she needs to learn to make better decisions and  getting fall down drunk at a frat is not one of those good decisions. I was proud of my daughter for watching out for her but she shouldn't have to be a mom to her roommate. Why are freshman roommates usually such a  disaster? One week down 30 to go!

We have really enjoyed our first week as empty nesters. I did cry the day I got home from dropping her off but since then I've been weirdly happy. It was amazing to not have to go to back to school night at the high school. I will admit that I felt a little left out. I mean, after 12 years of going to it it did become a part of our lives but I got over that feeling really fast! Yep not missing it very much at all. It's so nice being able do things when we want, not be held hostage by a else's schedule and it's nice to fix foods with mushrooms, which are the one food that none of the 5 kids will touch.  I've missed them.  There are a few other bonuses that we can't discuss. Sorry kids. I'll be paying for therapy for years now!!!

Have a random Tuesday and head over to Keely's at the UnMom to post your own random thoughts.


Acorn to Oak said...

Clever fix on the car mirror! That slide is scary! And, that car/van...I like your description...funny! lol Sorry to hear your daughter's room mate is so irresponsible. I can understand your pride in how she handled it. Very impressive. I hope the room mate can learn from your daughter. No mushrooms in all these years? Wow! You're going to be having some cooking and eating fun! I saw a recipe recently on the "Barefoot Contessa" show for mushroom soup. It looks so delicious! I'm planning on making it when the weather is cool enough for soup. Have a terrific day! :-)

Keely said...

I'm irrationally jealous of your empty nest. "Irrationally", because my kid isn't even 3 so there's no real hope for me any time soon.

Roommates suck. Though it was awfully considerate of the frat house to call someone to get her, instead of just dumping her on a porch or something...

...er, not that it's happened to me.

Nat said...

I saw your recipe in Rachel Ray- congrats! That is amazing!

I don't know why it is that college students feel the need to get completely trashed. Good for your daughter for helping her and then telling her she needs to learn to help her self.