Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Drinks in Jars!!!!!

I had a great evening with friends tonight. I decided to try making drinks in jars and it was great. I made some Crystal Light Mocktail Mojitos, some blackberry mojitos and a passion fruit with peach drink all in jars without alcohol.
I filled the jars and then set out the different options for alcohol. I had rum, coconut rum, a regular vodka and a tropical fruit vodka. I put regular jar seals under the decorative ones and threw them into the bucket of ice.

Everyone could pick their drink, remove the seal, and add the kind and amount of alcohol that they wanted for their drink or if they didn't drink they could drink them plain.  They put the decorative lid on, picked a paper straw and were all set.

 It worked great and they looked so cute. The mojitos were a huge hit. Everyone was raving about them and were amazed when I told them that it was the Crystal Light Mojito mix. 5 Calories and it tastes so good. I added a half slice of lime and a couple of mint leaves to make it even better but still you can't beat a drink that starts with a base calorie count of 5. For the balckberry mojitos I took fresh blackberries and crushed them into the bottom of the jar before adding the mojitos.  I can't wait to do this for Easter and for parties all summer long! The jars are sturdy and you could even use Press and Seal plastic under the lid, poke a small hole for the straw so it would be spill resistant.