Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter Decor


Last Easter I wanted to use robin's egg blue and white for the tables. I love that color combination.   I also wanted to use eggs to hold the flowers. After a couple dozen eggs and failures, I came up with this design.  I took 2 dozen raw eggs and broke off a small bit at each end, about the size of a dime or nickle. I used a knife to tap around in a circle at each end then took it off. I poured out the raw eggs to use for a breakfast casserole and then boiled the eggs shells for 5 minutes, I'm kind of a germaphobe. I then dyed the egg shells and set them to dry.

I made a bunch of white tissue paper flowers- (Here's a tutorial on how to make them) with wire stems and also cut a few fresh ones from the yard.   Half the tables had the white flowers and half had fresh. Yes, I have a lot of people for Easter and thus lots of tables.


To put them together, I filled vintage sundae dishes with crinkle paper (my husband's dad and grandpa used these at their old pharmacy soda fountain)  I stuck the paper flowers through the top and bottom holes in the egg down through the crinkle paper to hold it up. For the fresh flowers, I took a water tube, stuck it deep into the crinkle paper. and slid the egg over the top of it. I then could slide the flowers into the water tube to stay fresh.


I also took a large vase and filled it with crinkle shreds and white paper flowers.

I sat one blue egg on top for Easter! I love how it turned out.
Sorry about the crappy photos!
May God bless you and your family this Easter! The celebration of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ who died for each of out sins so that we might have eternal life thorough grace if we choose to believe in Him as our personal savior.
Happy Easter!


Laura said...

So pretty! I miss being home for Easter. I especially love the fresh flowers in the egg! So cute!

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

I absolutely love how that came out!!!!!