Monday, April 9, 2012

100 Foods to Eat before you Die- How many have you tried?

I do love to eat and this list makes it very clear that I will eat almost anything.  
Supposedly, most people will have only tried 20 or fewer of the foods on this list.
I've eaten 87 of these which shocked even me and some are favorites, like the Pocky sticks!!!

There are a couple that I've never heard of but would try if I ever found them, a couple like Haggis and Sweetbreads that could have tried but wouldn't and others that just don't sound appetizing at all so I wouldn't ever try to find them. I do have some limits!
How many foods on this list have you tried?

1.     Abalone
2.     Absinthe
3.     Alligator
4.     Baba  Ghanoush
5.     Bagel and lox
6.     Baklava
7.     Barbecue ribs
8.     Bellini
9.     Bird’s Nest Soup
10.  Biscuits and gravy
11.  Black Pudding
12.  Black Truffle
13.  Borscht
14.  Calamari
15.  Carp
16.  Caviar
17.  Cheese fondue
18.  Chicken and waffles
19.  Chicken Tikka Masala
20.  Chile Relleno
21.  Chitterlings/Chitlins
22.  Churros
23.  Clam Chowder
24.  Cognac
25.  Crabcake
26.  Crickets- I'll eat almost anything if it's covered with chocolate and these were!
27.  Currywurst
28.  Dandelion wine
29.  Dulce de leche
30.  Durian- (a tropical fruit- some call it stinky fruit)
31.  Eel
32.  Eggs benedict
33.  Fish Tacos
34.  Foie Gras
35.  Fresh Spring Rolls
36.  Fried Catfish
37.  Fried Green Tomatoes
38.  Fried Plaintain
39.  Frito Pie
40.  Frog’s Legs
41.  Fugu- (Pufferfish)
42.  Funnel Cake
43.  Gazpacho
44.  Goat
45.  Goat’s milk
46.  Goulash
47.  Gumbo
48.  Haggis- Nope could have tried it and won't
49.  Head Cheese
50.  Heirloom Tomatoes
51.  Honeycomb
52.  Hostess Fruit Pie
53.  Huevos Rancheros
54.  Jerk Chicken
55.  Kangaroo
56.  Key Lime Pie
57.  Kobe Beef
58.  Lassi- (Indian yogurt-based drink)
59.  Lobster
60.  Mimosa
61.  MoonPie
62.  Morel Mushrooms
63.  Nettle Tea
64.  Octopus
65.  Oxtail Soup
66.  Paella
67.  Paneer
68.  Pastrami on Rye
69.  Pavlova
70.  Phaal- Super hot Indian dish- so spicy I won't try it.
71.  Philly Cheesesteak
72.  Pho
73.  Pineapple and cottage cheese
74.  Pistachio Ice Cream
75.  Po’ boy
76.  Pocky- Best treat ever! It's an Asian cookie stick dipped in Strawberry, Chocolate or other coatings
77.  Polenta
78.  Prickly Pear
79.  Rabbit Stew
80.  Raw Oysters
81.  Root Beer Float
82.  S’mores
83.  Sauerkraut
84.  Sea Urchin- Just the slime factor keeps me away from this one
85.  Shark
86.  Snail
87.  Snake- Actually ate a rattlesnake I'd killed myself!!!
88.  Soft Shell Crab
89.  Som Tam- (Thai Papaya Salad)
90.  Spaetzle- my sister-in-law makes the best!!
91.  Spam
92.  Squirrel- Doesn't sound good at all, it's a rat with a fluffy tail!!!
93.  Steak Tartare
94.  Sweet Potato Fries
95.  Sweetbreads- I just couldn't make myself eat a gland.
96.  Tom Yum- (spicy clear soup typical in Laos and Thailand)
97.  Umeboshi- (pickled ume fruits)
98.  Venison
99.  Wasabi Peas
100.Zucchini Flowers


Laura said...

You will never try haggis??? That is like number one on our to do list for Scotland! Haha! Well, I guess we won't save you any...

Shawna Hynes said...

I am a huge foodie so I found this list an interesting read. However I've only tried 19/100 so you're well ahead of me! To be fair though, I am vegan so the majority are off limits either way. Great post :)