Monday, June 24, 2013

Do you know your family health history? Time to have everyone fill out a Family Heath History Questionnaire

The last few months I have found out some things in my family medical history that I had no idea were there. We have a large family reunion coming up and I think it's time to start gathering some health history information that could affect my family and their families.  There is so much health information that can disappear  when a family member dies and it's then lost forever. It would be nice, when a health issue pops up, to have some data available to show if it's something that is common in the family or something new.

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There were 2 major things that caused me to think about this. One was a family member that had some issues nursing her baby. She just wasn't producing enough milk. In mentioning it to an older family member, I found out that this older woman had also had issues nursing her kids and so had her mom. None of them produced more than an ounce or two of milk at a feeding and had to supplement with bottles of formula. I never know that!!!  Had this young mom known this information, it could have prevented 2 very frustrating months with a very fussy and, now we know, hungry baby. He was gaining weight and growing but just not getting quite enough as he got older.

I also started thinking about it because of the last, very difficult, couple of weeks.  We watched and prayed for a young couple, my daughter's husband's twin brother and his wife  who had a beautiful baby boy who was born with a very rare, fatal lung condition, alveolar capillary dysplasia.  He was fine for the first 36 hours and then started having breathing problems, after 2 weeks  of intensive tests and treatment, he was diagnosed with ACD and he passed away. It's such a sad a tragic situation. Please keep his parents John and McCayla in your prayers.
ACD is almost always a spontaneous non-hereditary issue but the fact that it happend should be passed down to future generations so that they will know. So often, information just isn't shared and you never know when it could be important or could make a difference!

I spent a couple of hours creating a family health history form that covers a broad spectrum of health issues. Take the time to fill one out and to have each of your family members fill it out. Collect the information and see what trends there may be in your family tree that you had no idea were there!

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